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Shane Roche

Neuromuscular Physical Therpaist

Personal Trainer

Fitness Instructor

+353 87 6760629

"I have a passion for fitness and improving client health"

Hi All 

Let me introduce myself I’m Shane. 
Qualified Neuromuscular Physical Therapist and PersonalTrainer /Group Fitness Trainer . 
I have a passion for fitness and improving client health, whether that is through, fitness, Therapy or Rehab. 
My love  for this industry has Lead  me to where I am now, years of training and pushing my body to its limits and achieving impressive results left me more aware of my body and how easy it is become injured , body awareness is massively important and I always voice to my clients listen to your body.

As a Therapist I examine, treat and instruct a client in order to detect , assess,prevent,correct, and alleviate, thus improving physical mobility and body malfunction. 

Treatments are personalised to treat conditions: just to mention a few below

•FROZEN SHOULDER- A condition which causes restriction of motion on the shoulder joint, it becomes stiff and scarred.
•CHRONIC PAIN - Often  have subtle or vague symptoms that develop slowly and are long lasting, chronic pain may also lead to decreased  physical activity due to the fear of initiating  a pain response. 
•REPETITIVE STRAIN INJURIES - This comes from the musculoskeletal and nervous systems that may be caused by repetitive tasks , forceful exertions vibrations or sustained or awkward positions. 
•COMPUTER RELATED INJURIES -Repetitive strain injuries , work related upper limb disorder, muscle fatigue,migraines and headaches. 
KNEE PROBLEMS- Fallen arches can cause probated knees, the meniscus of the knee join can become pinched , misalignment places stress on the ligaments that hold the joint together over time the stress can cause chronic pain and weakness (runners knee). 
IT BAND FRICTION SYNDROME-Pain on the outside of the knee tenderness and swelling


Treatment for injury is through:

Sports  Massage - This is specific application of massage techniques 
Over the entire body or area specific.
Trigger Point Therapy- Techniques used - Soft Tissue Release, Muscle Energy Technique, Positional Release. 


I am also a fully qualified first aid responder and have experience working with teams , pre event , inter event and post event. 

Please feel free to book an appointment or contact me for more info on Personal Training. 0876760629

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