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Simple, Effective

Online Consultation & Rehabilitation Service

* Send a message on WhatsApp if you cannot find a suitable time on 0851702791

Online Physio
Play Video
Book Online
Complete the simple booking form about your injury 
Video Consult
I will chat to you online and start the process 
Personal Plan
You will get a personal online plan at the end

How Does Online Consultation Work


Wayne qualified as a Neuromuscular Therapist in 2017 through the National Training Center of Ireland


"Being a Neuromuscular Therapist allows me to have a broader look at the whole person and not just the site of pain. Today's understanding of the human body, pain and injury has vastly developed over the past number of years and I believe treating the person holistically rather than focusing on the site of pain is a far more efficient and effective treatment strategy"

"I was skeptical at first"
Wayne offered an online consult when I couldn't make it to my appointment, I was skeptical at first but was surprised at how effective it was. The setup was simple and his instructions were easy to follow and the follow up videos were great !
Kevin, Waterford

What People Say

"All done from home"
Finished up my online sessions with Wayne, was given very clear instructions and was surprised at how well it went and all done from home.
The movements were simple and specific to my problem, 
Jane, Cork
"Continue my rehab"
Best way to continue my rehab while were all on lockdown !
Simple appointment setup, easy to progress rehab work cause I didn't need any equipment. Booked in for next week and would highly recommend online sessions.
Michael, Waterford

* Send a message on WhatsApp if you cannot find a suitable time on 0851702791

Get Back To Your Best From The Comfort of Home


How Can You Treat Me Without Hands On Treatment
The majority if not all injuries or issues can be treated without hands on treatment as long as you have a clear diagnosis and a personalised treatment plan. In a 1-2-1 clinic setting my aim is to avoid using hands on treatment where possible as evidence shows exercise, movement and clearly graded loading and rest plan are much more effective for long term resolution of pain and injury. I have never used needling, cupping or any other passive treatment type with great results.
What Equipment Will I Need
All you will need is an internet connection, something with a camera and mic (preferably laptop) some space around you and a willingness to participate. 
What Will I Need To Do On The Call
I will ask you to do some movements, you will be coached through the exercises and rehabilitation needed. Wear appropriate clothing, think going to the gym.
How Does The Call Take Place
Before the call I will send you a link to the call, I advise clicking this link 15 minutes before the call to download any relevant software needed.

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