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5 Tips To Recover From A Marathon

Hey, Wayne here.

So you've just completed a marathon ! Round of applause to you and congratulations on an amazing achievement.

If you'r not sure what to do after it, don't worry we got you covered.

Here are my 5 Tips to Help Recover From A Marathon.

1. Keep Moving

I know I know, you've just done a marathon and here I am telling you to keep going. Honestly in the 20/30 minutes after you have finished you just want to sit down and be done, but even a little walk for around 15/20 minutes, an active recovery if you will, is going to have a big impact on how stiff you feel later in the day and the coming days. Try to keep active through the rest of the day with some very light dynamic movements.

In the few days to come, try to get small walks in 10/20 minutes, drink plenty of fluid and don't over do it.

2. Food

You've been managing up to the race to keep your food and nutrition relatively well and the temptation is there now to go mad. By all means enjoy your achievement, have a few beers, a pizza that box of chocolate you promised yourself, but do try to get back to your pre race habits, all be it a little less restrictive, your body has gotten used to eating and drinking well so it's important not to throw it all out the window.

3. Run

I hear you, "is he mad". A recovery run though will do wonders for you 48 hours or so after your race. Now this is a recovery run in the truest sense, slow, steady and short. 3/4 miles is usually a good marker, don't worry about times or how fast your distance is or anything else just take it easy and get the body moving again.

4. Stress

A modern day problem that we all face, during a marathon you have put yourself under unbelievable physical and emotional stress. In the few days after the race its important to try and recover from that also, meditation, yoga, stretch classes, breathing can all help to reduce stress to the body and help you recover.

5. Sport Massage

If your very achy in the days after the race, a sport massage can do wonders and speed up that recovery time. Reducing muscle soreness, getting the blood moving in the legs again and generally making you feel better.

A 45 minute session a few days after the race will work magic, so book in advance to get a time that suits you.


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