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The First 10 Miles .....

A milestone for any runner, 10 miles. It's a big jump and a big achievement to hit your first 10 mile run if you've been used to doing 5 miles or there about's. There's a few things to look out for, hopefully I can cover some and give you some helpful info below.

1. Race Day Preparation

Big day has arrived, your buzzing, ready to crush this race, you leave the house, get to the race start and b@!!s you've forgot your sunglasses or hat or race card ....... Make a checklist the night before, check it that morning, then leave.

Fuel up, 1.5 to 2 hours before the race is the best time don't go overly heavy on fiber or fats your looking for a slow release carb source with some protein, a small carby snack just before race time, think half a banana, energy gel etc. and your good to go.

Relax, Square Breathing will help you to keep your nervous energy down and calm your body for the task ahead.

Start slow and build up, don't sprint out from the line like Usain Bolt, slow and steady will see you through, get your rhythm and enjoy.

2. Fueling

On shorter runs its not always essential to fuel during the race but with 10 miles were looking at getting a little help. This will depend on your pace but about 5/6 miles consider taking in some fuel, energy gel, banana, sugary drink, something with a little carbs to help replace lost energy stores and get your over the last few miles. Don't try something you have never had before, now is not the time for experimenting.

3. Planning and Pacing

So the starter fires and boom your off and flying, adrenaline is pumping and your caught up in the moment, people all around you buzzing and you go for it. 6/7 miles in, plan out the window and you've hit the wall like a freight train and those last few miles seem like torture ..... This is a familiar story for the first time 10er.

Make a plan and stick with it, as hard as it might be you need to manage this one, go to fast and you will empty the tank to soon, go to slow and you will be kicking yourself you didn't push on. Pace yourself, enjoy the moment, push your self but stick to the plan and you will be just fine.

4. After Care

After your first 10 you're going to be sore ! No denying it, you've pushed yourself and those legs ain't going to be happy. So here's a few tips to help.

- Keep Moving, after the run don't stop walk about for 15/20 minutes to keep those legs from ceasing up.

- Hydrate, get some fluids in, something Isotonic, Lucozade sport would do the job, you want to replace fluids but also the lost electrolytes and salts.

- Food, oooooh the good part. After the run your going to want to fuel up, protein & carbs mainly, don't over do it to quickly, have something small straight after the race, energy bar maybe then go for it a bit later once you have settled down, and enjoy it ! And of course a few celebratory beers :)

- Massage, you will thank me later !! A sport massage after your first big run will work wonders to help relieve aches and muscle pains, plus its a nice treat after your big achievement. You can avail of our super €30 Sport Massage by booking here.

And lastly enjoy it !!

Wayne Halloran

Neuromuscular Physical Therapist 0851702791 wayne@bodyworksptfn.com

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