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3 Reasons To Make Deep Tissue Massage Part of Your Training !

If you are a regular participant in sports, wether that’s running, soccer, GAA, athletics it doesn’t particularly matter you can benefit hugely from a deep tissue massage. Here are 3 of the main reasons to make this part of your training regime.

1. Faster Recovery - Deep Tissue work with help to get rid of those dreaded DOMs, that soreness and heaviness that you feel after a few hard days training

2. Injury Prevention - This is a double benefit, by getting a Deep Tissue Massage from a trained Physical Therapist, your getting the benefit of experience in ‘feeling’ what might need a little work to stop a problem developing. Keeping your muscles relaxed and not over stressed by getting a massage will help to prevent injury.

3. Stress Reduction - We live in a world full of stresses, those emotional and daily stress we experience have a physical effect on the body. Massage is a proven method to help reduce those stresses on the body and reduce the overall tone in the system, and besides that who doesn’t love a massage 😁

Training 2/3 per week and sometimes throwing a match in on top of that can take its toll, so look after your body, its the only one we get, once a month will help to keep you active, less injury prone and a little less stressed in daily life.

If you would like to know more drop me a message below 👌🏻 Or why wait book your first massage now.


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