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When Should I Start Physio After An Injury !

Here at Bodyworks I get asked a lot when is the best time to start physio, and when should people come to see me.

Often times I will hear, I was told by a friend to rest up for a while and see how I am, the Doctor gave me pain killers and said see how it is after a few days.  While being well meaning this may not be the best advise for your situation.

The age old PRICE method, Protecton / Rest / Ice / Compression and Elevation is still in the minds of people when it comes to injury,

This practice has been since updated with new studies and information showing a more effective and faster recovery strategy.

PRICE has been replaced by POLICE

Protection / Optimum Loading / Ice / Compression / Elevation.

Optimum Loading is the new standard when it comes to injury recovery, studies have shown that loading speeds up recovery times (pain dependent), decreasing motor adaptations and reducing potential for re-injury. 

So What Does That Mean For Me ?

In practical terms its about getting the injury moving as fast as possible while paying attention to pain and sensitivity, in the case of lets say and ankle sprain, before we would have rested, possibly on crutches for a while, always avoiding putting weight on the foot. This mean other muscles and structures need to work overtime causing motor adaptations or new movement habits that can be difficult to break.

Now we would look to get the foot moving and to get some resistance on it as soon as possible, to get some loading in to promote tissue healing and maintaining good movement habits.

So To Answer The Question of When To See Me !

Straight Away

In my experience, waiting for your injury to heal without the proper rehab just keeps you longer from getting back to your activities, playing ball, running, swimming, playing with the kids.

Don’t wait any longer for your injury to heal than you need too, be proactive and take action, come to see me today and get on your road to recovery.

By doing that I know you will be back doing what you want, pain free, faster than resting and less likely to have the same injury again.

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