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Brian Quann

Hey everyone Brian here. Qualified Neuromuscular Physical Therapist (NMT) from The National Training Centre of Ireland. My interest in Physical Therapy came about through many years involved in all manners of sport  and seeing how the body works not only in sport but in daily life and how the body responds to the demands we put upon it throughout our lives whether we are active or not, how it changes as a result of wear and tear, injuries, illness and how different techniques can aid the bodies recovery. Physical Therapy can help improve postural related conditions by helping to eliminate muscle tension, stiffness and pain and improve mobility by using techniques such as:

Trigger Point Therapy
Soft Tissue Release (STR)
Deep Tissue Massage
Positional Release
Muscle Energy Techniques 

All great techniques to help improve your mobility and help eliminate any pain or discomfort you might have. 

I’m also qualified in first aid and first responder so I’m available and qualified to work in sport as a first aid officer and a physical therapist offering pre event, inter event sand post event treatment. Thank you for taking the time out to read about me and my goals to help people get back to a healthier and more mobile state.


Hi all,

Wayne here, Neuromuscular Physical Therapist at Bodyworks. From a young age I was very active in sport at a high level, along the way I picked up my fair share of injuries resulting in a LOT of physio. Through my own experiences I was fascinated with the whole process, starting at acute injury to seeing how far you can push the body to recover. I am delighted to be in a position now to help people recover from acute injury and chronic pain and encourage the best possible outcome.

My aim is to help each and every client that walks in my door, my approach is a blend of traditional physical therapy and neurological treatment, using both methods I believe gives a more holistic approach and gives you the best resources available to get back to your best as quick as possible.

I like to spend time with each client to identify the issues currently presenting themselves. We will talk about exercise habits, past injuries, current life balance and nutrition, from there I will carry out an assessment of the muscular, skeletal and neurological systems to help identify any imbalances that might be preventing you from returning to your best.

Using a combination of manual therapy, movement based drills, neurological drills my aim is to return balance to the body, this can result in rapid changes to pain levels, stress, restrictions and tightness. 

All of these drills can be taught to use at home to ensure you can carry on improving with self help and not a reliance on continued therapy.

If you think this approach is for you, book in to see me, Wayne.

Wayne Halloran

Shane Roche

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